Set up two factor authentication

Below you can follow our step-by-step guide on how to set up two factor authentication for Office 365.

Please follow these steps;

By setting up Two Factor Authentication, you add an extra layer of security to your Office 365 account. You sign in with your password (step 1) and a code sent to your phone (step 2).

Once Two Factor Authentication is enable for your organisation.


Log in to the Office 365 Portal at and enter your Microsoft Office 365 login details.

You will then be prompted to update your contact information, click ‘Next’ to proceed.

You can now select an authentication method to use, you can choose from the following options;

1.      Authentication Phone – SMS or Call to your mobile

2.      Call an office number – Call to an office DDI or Land line

3.      Use a mobile app – Code sent to Smartphone Authenticator Application

All methods are similar, but a guide to setting up sending an SMS to an authenticated phone is below.


Select ‘Authentication Phone’ in the first drop-down box, then select your country code and enter your number to the right-hand side.

Select your preferred contact method as ‘Send me a code by text message’ then click Next.

You should now receive a code to your device

Microsoft will then supply you with an app password. This password can be used for one existing application that does not support Two Factor Authentication such as older versions of Outlook or Skype for Business.  Additional app passwords to support older applications can be created at later dates if required.

Once you have clicked finish the process is complete.

From this point on whenever accessing Office 365 services (Portal, Outlook setup, Activating Office software, OneDrive etc) you will receive the code to your mobile to authenticate the login/setup.

Currently connected applications (such as Outlook) and services can take 1-2 hours to receive the new security configuration settings, these applications will ask you to re-login and provide the authentication code.